Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sony Ericsson W300 Cell Phone Review

Aren’t you simply fed up of carrying multiple devices to sort your music, communication and scheduling requirements? Do you want to carry an iPod and your cell phone around with you everywhere you go. Haven’t you been hoping for something that allows you to communicate and listen to music at the same time? Well you don’t have to worry about your cumbersome load once you set your eyes on this fully loaded beauty – the Sony Ericsson W300 with Cingular Plan. If there is a phone that can truly rock, pop, hip hop, country, and r&b your world, this little number will have you dancing to tunes at the instance you purchase your Sony Ericsson W300! With a vast number of music enabled cell phones hitting the U.S. based market this year alone Cingular has offered the Sony Ericsson walkman phone for only 19.99 with a contract. Special offers provided by Cingular are @29.99 with $75 MIR on 2 yr contract and 50 free songs from emusic.

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