Friday, July 24, 2009

Remember: Take out the battery, wipe, and dry

These days, cell phones are so small that it is simply accident-prone. Especially when it comes to water. When you drop your cell phone in water, it will most likely destroy your phone, unless you act fast, retrieve your phone, and follow the following steps.

The first thing you must do is remove the battery immediately without even hesitating to turn off the phone. Then, you must dry the battery. The battery itself might be damaged, but if your phone is not damaged, it is fairly cheap to replace cell phone batteries.

Next, you need to dry off the cell phone with a absorbent towel as best as possible. If it's possible, try to disassemble the cell phone and dry it separately.

The common myth is that water destroys cell phones but in fact, it is the minerals or other materials in water that destroys phones. Thereby, if you drop your cell phone in a dirty water, take out the battery and rinse it with pure water.

Then of course, you want it dry for at least three days not to an air conditioner. Do not attempt to turn it back on for three days. Since the slightest moisture can react with the battery and cause it to short circuit.

All credits and information was found by wisegeek

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