Sunday, August 16, 2009

3 new apps appear on Palm Pre App Catalog, including Palm Desktop sync

Official app releases are few and far between for the Palm Pre, but according to the Palm webOS Blog three new ones just appeared tonight. Two are games, Blackout and Spades, while the third is a desktop syncing client from the folks at Chapura. The developer of Spades has a couple of other Palm Pre apps coming soon to the App Catalog and also created a couple of Google Android games.

Chapura Echo for Palm Desktop 6.2.2 provides two-way synchronization between your Palm Pre and your Windows desktop version of Palm Desktop 6.2.2 and above, including your calendar and contact data. You can sync via cable or a local WiFi connection too.

The Palm Catalog gives you access to a full 7-day trial, but the Echo application will cost you $29.95 after the trial period. I know this will appeal to a few people since I received questions about Palm Desktop syncing when I had my Palm Pre.

All credits and information was found by zdnet.

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