Wednesday, August 26, 2009


BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone for AT&T is scheduled to receive a firmware update this afternoon. The update will provide support for AT&T's Visual Voicemail system, which can accessed with a download icon added in the update. The update will also give users the ability to restrict their smartphones to only using AT&T's 2G GSM network. GSM networks are more power efficient when it comes to talk time, so some users might decide that the increased talk time will be worth the lack of 3G data. RIM has said that the update will also include a number of general system optimizations and download icons for additional applications, such as MobiTV, Mobile Banking, Tetris, and Scrabble.

Once the update is available, users will be able to install it by going to the Bold's Options menu, selecting Advanced Options, and then clicking on Wireless Update. The update can also be downloaded via the web or through the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.


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