Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A decade ago

Cell phones are now considered to be a necessity for most people. This is because cell phones provide us with the ability to communicate with our family, colleagues, etc. not only through calls and SMS but even through sending e-mails as our mobile phones are now just like a mini computer that can be connected to the Internet if configured. Cell phones are even used as a camera, a video recorder and even as a radio and mp3 player all in one. What more can you ask for?

Cell phone are definitely reliable, fun, easy to carry, and it does come in handy in emergency situations, but lets not forget about the communicating methods we've used in the past: letters, face to face conversations, or even emails. When you get a chance, instead of texting someone, try to write them a letter. It will feel more meaningful

All credits and information was found by ezine.

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