Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Save money on your cell phone

Everyone has a cell phone these days. Even little kids in elementary school has a decent looking phone. But, owning a cell phone can be hefty, so how can you get the most out of your dollar with your cell phones and carrier plans?

First, get a phone that you will use. Of course the Appli iPhone 3G S sounds nice and the Palm Pre sounds like a good time but, if you are not going to be using all the features, do not get it. Don't jump on the hype bandwagon. Remember, it's a cell phone, you are suppose to make calls with a cell phone.

Second, you have to choose the right plan. If you are a heavy cell phone user, you're better with getting a monthly plan with realistic minutes. If you go over your monthly minutes, you will be charged expensive overage fees so be careful.

Then, get a family plan

Also, take advantage of free calling minutes. Calls to other cell phones on the same carrier are usually free so take advantage of that.

All credits and information was found by cnet.

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