Monday, September 07, 2009

LG Chocolate BL20 Brings Back Traditional Chocolate Styling

Unlike LG's wacky BL40 ultra-widescreen Chocolate, the newly-spotted BL20 is more obviously from the Chocolate lineage. It's a non-touchscreen slider with haptic feedback on its touch-sensitive buttons, and actually features an interface not dissimilar to the BL40. It's missing some of the more advanced features the BL40 boasts, notably an accelerometer, but should be a cheaper and smaller alternative to the BL40 if and when it's eventually released. We've got no info on price or release date, but we'll update when we do.

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All credits and information was found by gizmodo.

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Pooja said...

The features are not great as BL40 but design wise, its good. It comes packed with 5 mp camera. Picture quality is decent. For people who give importance to looks than features go ahead with this mobile. For more details refer LG Chocolate