Friday, September 04, 2009

MMS coming to iPhone :)

Finally it has arrived. MMS (picture-messaging) will now be offered to the iPhone users. I remember when I took this great picture of the LA skyline with my iPhone one night, and wanted to share with my friends, but I really couldnt because my iPhone didnt feature Picture messaging. All those times my friends used to send each other picture messages and i was the only one left out (of course i still looked the coolest with my iPhone, though :) ) Well now all that is coming to an end!! Apple has announced that September 25 will be this glorious day. Many iPhone users were unhappy, due to the fact that Apple promised to get the MMS feature running by the end of summer. I guess September 25th isn't quite "END OF SUMMER" for some, but I'm just happy that we (iPhone users) get to use picture messaging. Speaking of iPhones remember our store carries just about anything for the iPhone. So check us out! Now that you might be spending more time on your phone picture messaging people, why not do it in style? From iPhone accessories like batteries, cases, and more!


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