Sunday, June 05, 2011

miniFLEXER Kit

Keep your hands on the Wheel and eyes on the Road when driving with this German engineered iGRIP miniFLEXER Kit. Your phone will be securely positioned in an upright and easy to view position while driving. No more looking for or holding your phone when navigating traffic!

The miniFLEXER Kit includes a miniGripper Universal holder, a miniFLEX Suction Mount and a round disc for optional dashboard placement.

miniGripper Universal phone holder - holds most devices. Cushioned, retractable side arms hold the device safely and securely. Squeeze sides to secure phone or push button on side to release. Movable foot pegs can be adjusted for charging connections. Holder can also be flipped 180 degrees for changing the position of the side arms. Fits devices up to 7.5 cm wide (2.95 inches). HR’s patented 4-prong mounting system attaches the holder to the mount. Easy to use.

miniFLEX mount- A compact and flexible suction mount with a short, freely adjustable arm. Optimal for compact cars or for use on the dashboard or center console. Includes a self-adhesive disc that allows use of the suction mount on the dash or center console. HR’s patented 4-prong mounting system securely attaches to any HR Universal, Perfekt Fit or GPS adaptor. Great for iPod’s and GPS devices. Easy to use and install.

  • The miniGripper Holder is adjustable and will fit virtually all phones.

  • miniFlex suction mount can quickly be adjusted to most any position, offering the driver an optimal viewing angle

  • Swivel-top design enables the user to quickly adjust viewing angles and switch between portrait and landscape positions.

  • Easy to Install - attaches and removes in seconds.

  • Includes a self-adhesive disc that allows use of the suction mount on the dash or center console.

  • Great when using GPS Navigation applications

  • Perfect compliment to Bluetooth hands-free solutions

  • 5-year limited warranty. Made in Germany

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