Thursday, December 28, 2006

The HTC Athena X7500

HTC Athena X7500

We here at the Whack like gadgets which lead a double life and the HTC Athena X7500 falls into this much coveted category! The X7500 is not an UMPC, neither just a mobile phone! It is actually a Pocket PC Phone and on attaching the optional QWERTY turns into a bonafied personal computer on the go! Now that that Whack got your interest, its time that our geeks get you accessorized, so that you can make youself a super Athena. Yes you heard me a super Athena! Want to find out more then check out Promises are actually kepth there! You get what you want, when you want it, and you get it fast and at a affordable price tag. They will even try to find the accessory you need even if they don't carry and get it to you. Put some cash back in your wallet, get the quality you deserve and get it fast, just call toll free at (866) 433-5793 that's (866) GEEKS93.

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